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I researched and selected the Law Offices of Russell J Goldsmith. The attention and prompt communication I was provided continuously assured me that my case was in good hands. I highly recommend their representation and was very pleased with the outcome
- Belinda S.

I hired the Law Offices of Russell J. Goldsmith to assist with my disability claim. Mr. Goldsmith, and his entire staff, are very professional, knowledgeable and incredibly responsive. I knew absolutely nothing about filing for SSA Disability but they discussed with me, in detail, each step of the process. There were no misrepresentations or surprises along the way. They sincerely and wholeheartedly care about winning your case and will spend all the time you need to answer your questions and/or concerns. If you're searching for a great, knowledgeable attorney, look no further! Reach out to the Law Offices of Russell J. Goldsmith. I guarantee you won't regret it! Thank you so much Mr. Goldsmith for winning my case! Your assistance was priceless!
- Christine D.

I highly recommend this office for legal representation. Attorney Goldsmith and Nicole worked extremely hard on my disability case and their dedication payed, my case was won. The office was always professional, returned my calls promptly, addressed any concerns I had and was VERY efficient in obtaining the documentation and forms that were needed for my case. Nicole was always a pleasure on the phone, I never felt rushed and she was very patient. Attorney Goldsmith prepared me very well for my hearing and represented me exceptionally.
- Jean D.

I had the opportunity to use Attorney Russell Goldsmith. His office and legal team were professional and always prompt on returning phone calls. Nicole was exceptional with handling my case. I would highly recommend using them. With the help of everyone involved, we won... Success!
- Tracey G.

Attorney Goldsmith took our case and thoughtfully asked the right questions. His people always returned our calls in a timely fashion. He submitted all the necessary forms. I would recommend him to anyone who needs help getting through the Disability Process.
- Arthur H.

Attorney Goldsmith and his staff are great. They have so much experience in this area. They helped me completely with all the forms that are required for this process. Attorney Goldsmith works very hard so court appearance is not required. I received all the money I was told I would and I didn't have to pay him anything out of pocket.

Thank you,
- Rita R.

I applied for Social Security Disability and was denied (this appears to happen to everyone the first time). I hired Attorney Goldsmith for the appeal and he was able to get me approved, plus I was awarded back pay going back to the original file date. So if you are considering Attorney Goldsmith to represent you, I wouldn't hesitate. This time can be very stressful, so it's good to have someone go to bat for you.

- LuAnne C.

I worked in construction for over thirty-five years. By that time my back and knees were severely damaged and left me in constant pain. When I could not keep up with the younger workers I lost my job. Unable to work, I applied for SS disability. I was denied. At that time I contacted Russell J. Goldsmith to file an appeal for me. He was so caring about me and my problems it was like I had known him for years. He is a very smart attorney and was tenacious to get all the details for my appeal. His staff was always professional and made sure I was able to speak to Russell when I was concerned.

Russell presented my case to the appeals judge and we were given a court date months away. It usually takes over a year, not with Russell as your attorney.

I received a call from Russell about few months before our court date. Russell's appeal of my case was approved without going to court!!
I was ecstatic!

I would highly recommend The Law Offices of Russell J. Goldsmith!
His hard work and determination changed my life!
Thank you Russell.

- Kevin M.

I am truly grateful for having Attorney Russell Goldsmith represent and guide me through the Social Security Disability Compensation process and would highly recommend his firm to anyone applying for Social Security Disability Compensation.

After reading and hearing how difficult and uncertain the process could be, I chose to have good, solid representation from the start rather than risk doing it myself and having it denied for a simple error. My disability award was approved the first time around! Best of all I did not have to pay a dime until after receiving my award.

Attorney Goldsmith`s attention to detail, meticulous organization and overwhelming experience with the disability process was quite evident. His representation removed all the stress and worry of navigating through the disability application process alone. In addition, Attorney Goldsmith and his team always treated me with genuine concern and dignity and promptly replied to all my concerns via email or telephone. All communications with the Social Security Administration were managed through his firm which was a relief especially having numerous health problems.

I readily endorse and recommend the Law Offices of Russell J. Goldsmith to anyone. They are proven Social Security Disability Professionals.

Thank You Attorney Goldsmith and Team!
- Robert G.

I needed help with my disability application and Russell handled every thing from start to finish , he won my case. What makes him stand out from other attorneys is, among other problems,I had memory loss which made it difficult but he was understanding and patient and helped me to fill in the gaps.I would recommend the Law Offices of Russell J. Goldsmith.
- David B.

I found Attorney Goldsmith's help essential in navigating the complex world of Long term Disability Benefits and Social Security Disability. He was clear, concise, and responsive to all my questions. To capture my experience in one word, I would say that it was "frictionless". In the end, I received all the benefits to which I am entitled, which was the goal from the beginning.
- Peter M.

Dear Attorney Goldsmith,

Thank you for representing me in my disability claim with social security. Your swift friendly response to my questions and concerns made the process less fearful. I have recommended you to others in similar situations and definitely would give you a 5 star rating. Once again thank you for your help in getting me a favorable decision in such a timely manner.
- Joey S.

We had the pleasure of being Attorney Russell Goldsmith's clients for over a year - through this long and tedious process to get social security for our daughter - to whom was born with a disability - which clearly prevents her from being an independent adult - Mr. Goldsmith was amazing - he continually kept us informed on a regular basis of the status and what we needed to keep moving forward with our case - I know for a fact - he worked weekends and after hours on a regular basis on our case - no stone was left unturned - I cannot thank him enough for his hard work and compassion during this process - when we won the case - I was so overwhelmed that I cried and just wanted to hug him to death - he did amazing work - I am more than happy to be used as a reference for him and his clients in the future.
Thank you.
- Cindi B.

If it wasn't for Mr. Goldsmith and his staff we would have lost everything by now. Thank God for their help, and knowledge. Would highly recommend.
- Stephen and Brenda C.

I'm writing to thank the firm of Attorney Russell J. Goldsmith, Esq. and give them a five star review, for a very professional and courteous staff in guiding me through the difficult task of applying and receiving disability benefits.

It's a difficult enough acknowledging the fact that I haven't been able to work and do the things I have enjoyed for many years.

I know I wouldn't have been able to get through this process on my own and want to thank Attorney Goldsmith and his staff for the professional guidance.

- Bernard L.

Attorney Goldsmith is absolutely the best and most effective advocate for clients fighting with or getting no results from the Social Security Administration. I started out thinking this is a no brainer. 3 back surgeries in a year and a half. Had a hard time walking, sitting, laying down or doing anything. The Social Security Administration did not get it. I filed doctors' reports so many times that I felt as though they were going to the wrong address!!!! They just continued to put me off, denying my claim, and making me feel as though there was nothing I could do. By hiring Attorney Russell Goldsmith, I got their attention and fast!!!! I passed on my info to him. And believe me I was so surprised that within a short amount of time my case was resolved successfully and my benefits were on the way. So happy I contacted Attorney Russell Goldsmith. If you're having issues with the Social Security Administration, contact their office and watch the ball start rolling your way!!!! You will get what is rightfully yours.
Best of luck to all
- F. Fazio

In late spring of 2015 my wife and I were confronted with devastating news, she had been diagnosed with onset Alzheimer our world had suddenly been turned upside down. What to do, not only were we now without her important income as a nurse I was recovering from major surgery, we had no income and the fear of losing our home, health insurance etc. became real. As reality set in we contacted our lawyer who passed along to us Russell's name, we explained to him our situation over the phone at which time we set up an initial meeting. After gathering the needed documents Russell took this and ran with it. We had heard horror stories about how long it could take to get this disability approved and were on an emotional as well as financial roller coaster. The concern about months and months of waiting for approval did not happen, with Russell's knowledge of the system, and the correct people to talk to it was a matter of weeks rather than months to see our payments. We cannot thank Russell enough for all he did for us, his knowledge as well as his heartfelt desire to help and understand our pain was more than exceptional. Thank you Russell from the bottom of our hearts.
- Barry & Anne A.