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Lewiston, Maine Social Security Disability Lawyer

Legal Representation in the Lewiston, ME Area for the Long-term Disabled From an Experienced and Aggressive Attorney

Lewiston, ME We’ve been working with Lewiston’s long-term injured and disabled for more than 34 years, providing zealous representation in their Social Security disability claims and appeals. Whether you’re thinking about initiating a disability claim or you have been denied repeatedly, let us take a look at your circumstances. In this way you can ensure that you’re moving forward in the right direction and in the right way.

What you Should Consider Prior to Filing an Initial Claim

It is important to remember from an initial standpoint that the Social Security disability rules require one to show that they expect to be long-term disabled form working.  The 3 most common mistakes we see individuals make in rushing to undertake an application is 1) they have just gone out of work and fail to understand the need to prove that they will remain disabled from working or a year or longer, 2) they fail to understand that the Social Security Administration is looking to see if you are able to return to any form of gainful employment (that is to say, any job for which they are reasonably suited by age, education and experience that would allow them to earn simply $1260.00 per month and 3) they are not in treatment with specialists for their conditions (with many individuals choosing to file first and then worry about treatment second). Prior to considering an application, it is important that all three (3) of the above considerations are taking place or an initial denial will likely follow.

Unfortunately, in Maine, should you be denied on your initial application, it will be necessary that you undertake what is called a Request for Reconsideration within 60 days from the date of the denial.  The reconsideration has a very high denial rate with it, and it is quite common to receive yet another denial after a 3-6 month period of review. In that instance, it will be necessary to undertake a Request for Hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. Ultimately, a hearing will be scheduled at the Portland, Maine Office of Hearing Operations, located at One Portland Square, Sixth Floor.

How We Can Assist You

Upon calling our office, you’ll see that we undertake a detailed intake of information from you in order to determine 1) whether pursuing a Social Security disability claim is appropriate under your individual circumstances and 2) what your case requires so as to move forward in the most fruitful manner for you. We will look to evaluate that you are in the correct types of treatment for your condition, both for purposes of your case and for your personal benefit. Likewise, we’ll look to see how your condition impacts your ability to function and evaluate why it is that you might not be able locate and potentially work on a regular basis a job that might be easier for you.  We’ll look to determine your financial circumstances in order to see whether there are additional forms of assistance, whether it be in terms of monetary assistance or health insurance assistance, that you might require information about. Our job is to ensure that you are moving forward in the manner best suited to your individual circumstances.

Of course, if you have been denied your claim already, we’ll look to analyze why this has happened and what might need to happen to turn such a decision around for you. Whether you are at the initial claims process, reopening a prior claim, appealing on reconsideration or appealing at the hearing level, we can assist you with understanding the process, the forms and, if necessary, your attendance before an Administrative Law Judge.

For more than 34 years, we’ve been assisting Lewiston’s disabled navigate their way through the Social Security rules and regulations so that they can obtain the disability benefits they deserve. We are dedicated to providing you with the personal attention and care you and your family deserve.

As we work on a contingent basis, only getting paid if we win, there is no reason to delay further a call to our office.  For a free consultation at this time, call our office at 207-786-6600 or (800) 773-8622

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