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Providing Social Security Disability Representation to Those in Keene, New Hampshire and Surrounding Areas for more than 34 years

Keene, New Hampshire Social Security Disability Lawyer - Street Having represented Keene, NH’s disabled for more than quarter of a century, we understand the many concerns you face when serious illness or injury has caused you to leave work and you don’t know where to turn for help. Know that you’re not alone should you need to pursue long term Social Security disability benefits, as few think to make a call to a NH Social Security attorney. Know that you’re not alone should be it be necessary to pursue such benefits. The most recent data from the Social Security Administration shows that 6% of those who are of working age in the State of New Hampshire collect a Social Security disability benefit, with the average monthly check for those collecting as a disabled worker under the Social Security insurance system being $1258.00 per month in 2020. Nearly 1 in 10 nationally collecting Social Security disability benefits suffer from a mental health related condition and more than 20% of all disability claims in the State of New Hampshire are related to mental health conditions, with musculoskeletal conditions accounting for more than 21% of all disability claims.

The data likewise shows that the older one gets, clearly the more difficult it becomes to remain working given one’s disabling conditions. For this reason, the Social Security Administration has a set of grid rules used to guide them in their decision making: these rules account for the fact that as one ages it becomes more difficult to transfer to less exertional positions, assuming one does not have the education and skills necessary to move to a sit down, skilled position. Thus, for those who are age 50 or older (which, the Social Security Administration’s data shows comprises 72% of those collecting Social Security disability benefits), one may be deemed disabled from working based on a finding that there simply aren’t positions available in significant numbers based on a combination of factors that include their age, education, prior work experience and the physical restrictions they’re facing as a result of their various medical conditions. An experienced Social Security lawyer is familiar with these rules and can help explain to you how they might apply in your case.

When considering the filing of a disability claim, it is important to recognize that the Social Security disability system is meant to assist those that have remained or are likely to remain long term disabled. Assuming one does not have other income or assets in the household to disqualify them from Supplemental Security Income (SSI), an application may be advisable shortly after going out of work (given the ultimate entitlement to SSI benefits the month after one applies, assuming they are likely to remain totally disabled from all forms of gainful employment for a year or longer.

The Keene, NH Social Security Office where one can initiate an SSI application is located at 9 Elm Street Keene and can be reached at 1-877-405-3651. However, given Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) benefits are not payable for a year or longer, assuming again one is going to remain long term disabled (that is, a year or longer), an early application is not advisable as it is likely to promote a denial of one’s application.

Additional benefits in the form of transitional cash assistance can be obtained from the Keene City Welfare office who can be reached at 603-357-9809. New Hampshire state assistance in the form of food stamps, AFDC (Aid to Families with Dependent Children) and APTD (Aid to the Permanently and Totally Disabled) can be applied for at the same time one applies for Social Security benefits by calling 603-357-3510.

When you and your family don’t know where to turn as medical issues have devastated your household, know that there’s a disability lawyer that will provide you with the information where to turn and how to proceed. Ultimately, should you need to undertake an application for long term disability benefits, you can feel comfortable in knowing that at the Law Offices of Russell J. Goldsmith we’ll fight for the benefits you and your family need to make ends meet.

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Attorney Goldsmith and his staff are great. They have so much experience in this area. They helped me completely with all the forms that are required for this process. Attorney Goldsmith works very hard so court appearance is not required. I received all the money I was told I would and I didn't have to pay him anything out of pocket.

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